Monday, September 10, 2012

3rd UFO Sunday

Revised Diamonds and Quilting Travel Kit!
This week I had 2 goals - to continue with my Diamonds Quilt (so it doesn't fall back into UFO-ness) and to create a handwork travel kit so I could make use of down-time at meetings, on ferries and in ferry lines, and any away-from-home wait times.

1. Diamonds Quilt Revision - after living with this on the wall for several days, I switched a few fabrics (OK, so I switched quite a few but came back to something really close to the original) and ended up with this revision that I think is going to be the final version (only two fabrics got switched - feel free to compare with last week's photos and comment).  
Now I just need to cut out more diamonds so I'm ready to start sewing.

2. Created a little kit for my applique sampler so I'm ready for up coming meetings and traveling - blocks and cut pieces are in a simple portfolio, needles/thread/scissors/markers/etc. are in pencil bags, and everything is safely stored in a zippered tote.

2 UFO goals completed!

1 comment:

  1. Well, if you keep coming back to it, it sounds like this is the one! I think it looks great. These fabrics blend really well, in an almost crazy-and-fascinating way (that's meant to be a compliment). The outside border with swirls reminds me of Van Gogh, perhaps because overall this is very impressionistic. There are a lot of layers of interest here.