Thursday, February 4, 2010

Silk Garden Scarf

Silk Garden Scarf, originally uploaded by Dragonfly Hill.

I recently took a beginning weaving class, and used these new skills to weave a scarf with my little Cricket loom. Now, thanks to Janet Dawson's "Scarf-a-Day" blog, will embark on "a scarf a week" challenge for the month of February!


  1. It's every bit as pretty in pictures as it was in person! <3 Noro. <3 this scarf!

  2. Thanks Janet - she's very photogenic, isn't she!

  3. Love it!!! I'm gonna do Scarf-a-Week also!!
    I've just posted my first scarf!!

    Pat aka PattyAnne

  4. Thanks Pat and Asha'ara (hey sis!)and Fran! And "PattyAnne" - looking forward to seeing your scarves too (I still absolutely adore your Noro shawl)