Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spaced Out Felted Scarf is finished!

finished scarf

The scarf is done! It never got much smaller, so it's a wee bit too long for me, but it works if I fold it in half and thread the ends through - Janet Dawson style (though it will need a very cold day!) - or perhaps one of my taller family members will want it?

it's a wee bit long for metwisted and wrapped

Felting tech - looking closely at the yarns, I realized something that I already knew (doh!) - loosely plied or unplied yarns felt much more readily than multi-plied or tightly plied yarns (that's Cascade 220/warp on top and Crystal Palace Taos/weft on the bottom)
Yarn comparison

And some close-ups of the felting (no, my wefts were not packed that tight - the yarn just shrunk that much!)
felting close-upfelting and color

It was a fun experiment, and I kind of like the scarf, even if it makes me feel really short!

So now I'm packing for Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat where I will be taking classes from Syne Mitchell and weaving my next two scarves!


  1. I love it! It's a perfect length! If it's too warm to wrap it round and round and round and round your neck at home, you just need to come visit me. It'll be Just Right here, where it's white and snowy. :D

  2. Lovely soft color blends...the felting is inspired!