Friday, February 5, 2010

Spaced Out Felted Scarf

For my first February scarf, I've been making a "Spaced-Out Felted Scarf" from the Schacht newsletter, Winter 2008 (also in "Spin-Off" winter 2008).
Warped my little Cricket loom and started weaving Wednesday night. It seemed like it should be easy, and the design was suggested for beginners, but it turned out to be a tricky little rascal. The warp has one inch gaps, and so does the weft (accomplished with nifty little cardboard spacers).

funky cloth beam

This gappyness makes even weaving practically impossible.
Things shift and slide and refuse to stay balanced and straight!

Ah well, next it must be rolled in a towel and felted, so who knows what will happen (I've done some felting, I know how mysterious this process can be).

Tech notes - 8 dent reed, 120 inch warp (yes, very long, but it will shrink when felted, I hope), 9 inches in the reed (8 ends. then skip an inch pattern), 40 ends total . Warp is all Cascade 220 (solids and heathers).
Weft is Crystal Palace Yarns "Taos" - used 1 ball (128 yds.) plus a shuttle full from a second ball (OK, so I forgot to measure).
Wove 12 picks (a bit more than an inch) , then skipped an inch.

Since I'm picking up my fringe twister tomorrow, you'll have to wait til Monday to see what happens when the scarf like object gets thrown in the washer, but here's my proof that it is off the loom by my Friday afternoon (see the slanting afternoon sun)(and the sun-loving weaver cat) deadline!

Off the loom in the afternoon sun with cat

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