Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lace Sampler Scarf

Here's the final Scarf-A-Week scarf - a sampler of hand manipulated lace patterns.
Lace Sampler Scarf
Wove this on my little Cricket rigid heddle loom, 12 dent reed, 7 inches wide, 96 inches long, using Rowan Classic Pima Cotton DK yarn. Working all the lace patterns was a little time consuming (every thread has to be picked up/moved over/flipped onto the pick-up stick), but the lacy patterns grow quickly and are very satisfying to create (and I think my brain grew some new cells figuring out these techniques).

I used several sources - the main one being "Pick-Up Leno Patterns for a Wall Hanging" by Betty Davenport (available in an e-book from Interweave) - supplemented by patterns from "Pick-Up on the Rigid Heddle Loom" by Jane Patrick (from the Schacht newsletter, Spring 2009), and Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport.

The patterns:
first picture - knotted fringe, hemstitching, lattice hemstitching, 1/1 Leno, and 2/2 Leno
second picture -
Karelian Lace and 1/1 Mexican Lace
tied fringe, hemstitching, lattice hemstitching, 1/1 Leno Lace, 2/2 Leno Lace Karelian Lace (with weft float border), 1/1 Mexican Lace

third picture - Peruvian Gauze (my favorite - though I'm not sure how useful it may be)
fourth picture - spot lace and Tarascan Lace
Peruvian Gauze (with double weft float border) Spot Lace, Tarascan Lace (with weft float border)

fifth picture - Brooks Bouquet and 2/2 Mexican Lace
sixth picture - Danish Medallion and Norwegian Lace
Brooks Bouquet (with weft float border), 2/2 Mexican Lace Danish Medallion (with weft float border), Norwegian Lace

seventh picture - undulating Mexican Lace and Honeycomb
eighth picture - 1/1 Leno diamond
Undulating Mexican Lace (with weft float border), Honeycomb 1/1 Leno Lace diamond (with weft float border)

ninth picture - Spanish Lace

tenth and last picture - 5 sets of 2/2 Leno with an offset in the center, 1/1 Leno, lattice hemstitching, hemstitching, and more knotted fringe (OK, the fringe is off the top of the picture, but it's there, really)
Spanish Lace (with weft float border) 2/2 Leno Lace offset pattern, 1/1 Leno Lace, lattice hemstitching

Well, there you have it. Totally neglected to take pictures of the process (which is pretty cool), but I'm sure I'll do some lace again, so next time I'll work on documenting the process a little better.

Done with scarf-a-day for now (thanks for the inspiration, Janet!)

next up: beginning quilting class!

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