Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A scarf for Spring and some colorful spinning

I know I said I was done with scarves for a while, but they're so fun, and so easy, and I had this great yarn, and the loom was empty . . .
Spring Scarf

Wove this up on the Cricket loom - 12 dent reed, warped it 6 inches wide, 2 and 1/2 yards long, plain weave. The yarn is Dicentra Designs Nova 100% Merino sock yarn in the "Asparagus" color (used less than 2 skeins).
This is the same yarn I used for my Shibori scarf, just in a different color, and I really wanted to see what kind of a scarf it would make all on its own, and I love it. I love the little Ikat like color shifts in the warp (center section) and the plaid-like stripes and borders.
Spring scarf closeup

The sock weight Merino is light and drapey, and a little warm, but not too warm. And it goes perfectly with my spring coat (it's finally warm enough to call it spring here!).

I'm also back to spinning again (after a fairly obsessive weaving stretch there), working once again on the yarn for a simple, but colorful pullover sweater I'm designing. The fiber is a lovely Blue Faced Leicester dyed "Cinnamon" colors by Lisa of Dicentra Designs. I'm doing a "fractal stripe" method of color spinning (should create small stripes on top of big stripes giving a flowing color shifting kind of effect - I hope).

You start out by taking two equal lengths of fiber, keeping one full width and splitting the other into narrower sections.
split for fractal stripe

The big one gets spun as is (bottom bobbin), and the little ones get spun one at a time end to end (top bobbin).
Cinnamon on the bobbin

Then you ply the two together and get this really cool looking yarn.
Cinnamon fiber and yarn

I'll let you know how it knits up.


  1. The scarf and the yarn both look lovely Farmnana.
    Looking forward to seeing the colourful sweater.

  2. Thanks Fran! Love going to your blog and seeing your new sheepie babies. Cute!