Thursday, June 17, 2010

finished cardwoven strap and some random nature photos

Here's my first cardweaving finally finished. Not long enough to be a banjo strap, but pretty and easy (mostly) and fun (cardweaving details in April post).
finished card woven sample
The front and the back are really different from each other, and I like them both!

Random nature photos (birds, baby spiders, flowers, trees, and more).

First up - birds:
So I've been going through bird feeder suet at an alarming rate (putting out a new one every day!) and thought I would just do a bird count of suet eaters - this is just in one hour of watching (morning).

One large Flicker
Flicker #2

Two sweet little Downy Woodpeckers
Downy Woodpecker #2

Four bold Black Headed Grosbeaks (males and females or maybe youngsters)
Black Headed Grosbeak Black Headed Grosbeak female/youngster?

Five beeping Red Breasted Nuthatches (this might be a youngster - he let me get really close - I think all the parents are teaching their kids how to use the feeders)
Red Breasted Nuthatch #4

Seven greedy Stellars Jays
Stellar's Jay #2

Many (sorry, too many, too fast to count) fast moving
Chickadees (seen here with Downy)
Downy Woodpecker #3 (with Chickadee)
Well, I guess that explains the suet consumption (yes, I do have 3 of the suet feeders out now!)

Next - Baby Spiders: They are everywhere! Every gate has a little hatching (apparently the gate latch provides nice protection for the eggs)
baby spiders in the gate latch closeup

And this is what happens if you accidentally leave your garden gloves out by the compost bins overnight
baby spiders colonize garden glove

And now a few landscape items:
Vine Maple setting seeds
Vine Maple in the morning sun

Dogwoods flowering

sweet sweet scented monster peonies

And finally, what nature photo shoot would be complete without a wee little spotted Bambi
His mom just parks him on the back lawn while she forages (notice there are no photos of my rose flowers)
(what rose flowers?)

Well, tomorrow is shearing day for the Alpaca boys. More later.

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