Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Colors, Fall Sweater

Yeah! My sweater is finished just in time for fall weather!
My sweater is finished at last!

This is the sweater I started spinning for last year (details in my March post titled "A scarf for Spring and some colorful spinning"). The spinning uses a "fractal stripe" technique I learned from Janel Laidman in class at Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat back in 2008 (see Spin-Off magazine, Summer 2007 for her article). It is fun and easy and gave me some fun (and sometimes unpredictable) striping on this sweater (thanks in part to the fabulous dye work by Lisa of Dicentra Designs).

colorway Cinnamon (my favorite)
Cinnamon fiber and yarn

colorway Madrona (my favorite)
Madrona colorway
(OK, it's true, I love them both)

And this is how it all began
top down sweater begins

I used an "unpattern" - the "Top-Down Pullover with Raglan Sleeves" by Karen Alfke to size, design, and construct the sweater. An "Unpattern" is essentially a generic recipe/knitting sequence, that you plug in your own sweater measurements, gauge, and design details. Then you do a little simple math, follow the clearly structured steps of construction, and away you go.

And now it's done. Cinnamon colorway at the top, and Madrona at the bottom.
I love love love this sweater!
I love this sweater!
Thanks Janel, Lisa, and Karen!


  1. You look so lovely in your beautiful sweater.
    Congrats on a great job !

  2. I love this sweater SO HARD!

    You'll have to explain what this fractal spinning is all about when I get there - Mom mentioned it several times over Christmas and now I'm intrigued.