Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm back

No excuses. Life is just what it is. I will post old news (and new happenings) as I can. My goal right now is once a month!
Until then, here is a not so brief photo journey through the last 9 months! If you see anything you're especially interested in, just leave a comment and I'll bump that topic to the top of my list.

Wreath of Roses Diamonds quilt without sun streaks
Damitra teaches us all to cook Indian food the glory of fallCascade Fox by the road Richard and Nancy on the mountain Amana Star baby bonnet #2 Raggedy models the whole outfit silk bonnet baby grandma (me) and new granddaughter P1020302 P1020303 Knot Hysteria Silk Retreat #3 Knot Hysteria Silk Retreat #1 Knot Hysteria Silk Retreat #7 Knot Hysteria Silk Retreat #6 malabrigo scarf Sue Willingham's continuing weaving class Caora Dubh back piece - blocked spinning Dicentra's BFL/Silk Knot Hysteria silk retreat #9 flower hat for baby Rigid Heddle fabric handwoven vest from class at Madrona
another naughty fox on the road snowshoeing on Mt Rainier
baby quilt design process baby quilt in process Machine Quilting from Quilting Loft class Machine Quilting from Harriet Hargrave class
Mary Lou Weidman story quilt class starting to machine quilt the big quilt!

And that is not all, oh no, that is not all!

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