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Spinning Silk Bibliography

When I did the knitting with Mawata demo for my spinning group, I put together a bibliography that I thought I might as well share with all of you.  These are just the resources that I know about at this time - I'm sure there's more out there!

Spinning Silk Bibliography (with emphasis on Mawata, but a little of everything else, too)

1.  Spinning Silk: Sensous, Successful Yarns from Luxurious Silk (DVD) Sara Lamb
Great process video – she spins (and you get to watch closeups and spin along with her) the whole time she is talking about what she’s doing.  Excellent for learning/practicing.  Not a great source for mawata spinning (she even says that she doesn’t like to spin mawata) but fabulous for everything else about silk spinning.

2.  Spinning Luxury Fibers (DVD) Judith MacKenzie – 3 disc set - disc one is all about silk
Always relaxing and fun to learn from Judith (a wealth of lore and a lifetime of experience) – includes a great section on spinning mawata.

3.  Spin-Off Presents: All About Silk (eBook)
Silkworm lore (wild and cultivated), mawata spinning and dyeing, spinning fat silk singles, spinning for weaving, spinning embroidery thread

4.  A Guide to Spinning Silk Fibers + Free Knitting, Weaving, Crochet, and Embroidery Projects Using Silk Fiber (free eBook)
Spinning silk for knitting (hat project) and weaving (pillow project) in the same colorway, spinning and chain ply/Navajo ply for crochet and beaded rope (necklace/bracelet) project, spinning embroidery thread and small embroidered badge/medal project.

5.  Spinning Silk Hankies photo tutorial

6.  Knitty and KnittySpin index to all their silk related articles

7.  Spinning Silk caps (like mawata, only a different shape) tutorial

8.  Spin-Off magazine
Winter 1999 “Wild Silks Part One”
Spring 2000 “Wild Silks Part Two”
Summer 2001 “Learn to Spin Silk with Sara Lamb”

9. YouTube (only one of many available videos – this one is recommended by Blue Moon Fiber Arts and WormSpit)

10.  A great reference page on spinning all kinds of silk preparations, with info on spinning mawata (though I predraft more than they do) and links to more videos!

11.  Silkworm rancher and silk reeler/weaver – tons of info about the dear wee beasties that make silk (domestic and wild) as well as tons of info on how to process their product.

I have not used this book, nor do I have it yet, but include it because it is referenced by many who work with silk (especially dyers). 
Her current website (below) has mostly fabrics and yarns and natural dyes, including kits for dying silk, plus organically raised in the US “peace silk” cocoons (no silkworms were killed, but were instead allowed to hatch out).

Shopping: (these are just a few of my current favorites – mostly local Pacific Northwest-ish vendors, though the silk probably mostly comes from China or India)

Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks – silk mawata, silk top, blends, and other natural fibers (available from Carolina Homespun),

(edited 7/13/2013 to remove Crown Mountain Farms links - unfortunately Klaus has moved back to Germany and his wonderful fiber resource no longer exists) (Carolina Homespun is also pretty wonderful, though)

mawata, silks, blends – in solid colors (do your own color blending)!  lovely stuff, great colors

above is the link for mawatas, but she also has lots of silk top and silk blends (below)
in lots of colorways (color link below)

Great source of silk and silk lore, plus beautiful hand-dyed colors in fibers, yarns, silk ribbon, and kits.
Also undyed silk of all kinds (Bombyx, Tussah, Eri, Muga) in different preparations (sliver, bricks, noil, laps, etc., including undyed Bombyx mawata) as well as yummy blends (with camel, cashmere, yak, etc.)

source for undyed silk hankies (mawata)
Seattle store with lots of spinning fibers including silks, blends, mawata, noil, etc. – natural and dyed
(edited on 6/27 to change link to new, updated weaving works website)

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