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Winter is coming! Well, Summer and Winter anyhow.

Quick and non-curated bibliography for my local structures study group - few annotations, very few links, very little attention to proper bibliographic format, but hey - it's a start!


Multiple variations - Brick treading/singles/traditional/alternating, and "O's/pairs/roseate/birdseye, and X's/pairs/hourglass, and Dukagang fashion 1 and 2/columns.  And then you can change the look of the pairs by starting the tabby with 2 instead of 1!  And then you can turn the draft.  And then there's polychrome!  Yikes!

It has a relation to Crackle, and Taquete, and Samitum, and Half Satin, and even Tied Overshot and more!  

1.  Handwoven Magazine 2006 to 2021 (the number in brackets at the end of a listing tells how many shafts are needed).  May/June 2006 is almost all summer/winter, and has a van der Hoogt "School for Weavers" section that was quite helpful to me.  If you need more, search for Handwoven Magazine Indexes and have a look at the earlier issues.  There's lots.


Bauhaus Weaver Hand Towels. MA21, 50-52 (4)

Fishing for Compliments. SO21, 62-64 (8) 


Adventures in design: weaving upholstery fabric. SO15, 22-23

Both sides of summer and winter: linen placemats. JF16, 44-46 [7] 

Bread cloths. ND20, 40-42 [4]

Four blocks on four shafts: summer and winter towels. MJ13, 27-29 

Hail to the hostess bottle bags. SO16, 42-44 [6]

Inspired by color towels. MJ18, 48-49 [4]

Inspired vest. SO12, 48, 50-51 [8]

Spicy scarves. MJ14, 52-54 [8]

Starry sky placemats. SO16, 50-52 [4]

Stars & stripes picnic blanket. SO16, 34-36 [8]; errata MA18, 67 

Summer & winter squares. MJ20, 30-32 [6]

Summer and winter. SO16, 18-19

Summer and winter kitchen towels. MJ16, 38-40 [4]

Summer and winter silk scarf. MJ16, 46-48 [4]

Summer and winter spelled out. ND15, 20-21

Summer and winter with a twist polka-dot towels. JF15, 46-48 [8] 

Sunshine napkins and raffia placemats. MA12, 38-41 [2, 4]

Turning autumn towels. SO20, 61-63 [4]


Bookmarks and a Polychrome Challenge. MJ06:56–59 [8]

Color Gradations in Summer and Winter. MA11:60–61 [4]

Color Play in Summer & Winter. MJ10:38–39 [6, 4]

Farkle Game Bags in Summer and Winter. SO07:60–62 [8]

Fun and Functional: Turned Summer and Winter Towels. MJ06:52–55 [8]

A Run of Linen Runners on the Same Warp.  MJ05:52–55 [8]

School for Weavers: A Summer and Winter Family Reunion. MJ06:74–77

A Small Coverlet Is within Your Reach. ND11:62–63 [6]

Summer and Winter Polychrome—A Yarn’s Best Friend. SO10:58–59[8]

Summer and Winter Resources. MJ06:14 

A Summer Shawl.  MJ06:48–50 [8]

Technicolor Cloth.  MJ06:44–47 [4]

Warp Once, Weave Two Throws—or More!.  SO09:60–62 [6]

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. MJ06:40–43 [4]

2.  A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns.  Ed. Carol Strickler,  pgs. 145-161.
Has a lot about using a profile draft too.  And even though I took "Unlock the Block" (thanks Janet Dawson!) and had no trouble with the threading and the tie-up, the treadling substitutions made my brain hurt until I put it all up in Fiberworks.  (Some of us have to actually do a thing to understand it) Did the sheep in all the variations.  Fun.  Though the original still probably looks the best out of all the possibilities.

Don't have this one yet, but it looks good.

4.  The Best of Weaver's Summer & Winter Plus Ed. Madelyn van der Hoogt
A lot of projects for 10 shafts and up, but it does have 6 @ 8-shaft, 1 @ 5-shaft, 1 @ 6-shaft (turned), and 4 @ 4-shaft (with pick-up).  Also a lot of info on tied unit weaves.  Deep structures dive.

5.  New Key to Weaving.  Mary E Black,  chapter 9.

6.  Summer and Winter: A Weave for All Seasons.  Donna Sullivan (I'm putting this in here, but hoping it is at the guild library as it's a bit pricey everywhere.)

7.  The Complete Book of Drafting.  Madelyn van der Hoogt

8.  Best of Handwoven: Summer and Winter eBook - these are all projects from Handwoven magazines, but a choice if you don't have a subscription.

9.  And a video download Weaving Summer and Winter  Madelyn van der Hoogt 

10.  A Handweaver's Pattern Book.  Marguerite Porter Davison, Chapter XX Summer and Winter

11.  Learning to Weave.  Deborah Chandler,  Lesson 14 Summer and Winter.

12.  And if you took Janet Dawson's "Unlock the Block" class, she has given us a few pages of lovely Summer and Winter essentials info including threading keys and treadling keys.
As well as a gorgeous draft in Towelpalooza 2020!

13.  And of course, if you're a Rigid Heddle weaver,  I have a blog post about that!

My take on the sheep draft from Strickler (playing with the variations).  
From top to bottom - bricks,
 o pairs, x pairs,
columns 1 and columns 2.

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